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Transforming the community by the three E’s –

Education, Economics and Emotion.


Develop Your Skills and Become a Leader in Your Community

An Exciting Opportunity to Grow!

A three-day program with a required half-day plan review following the initial session.


Build Skills That Build Relationships.


New ideas will surface, and you will leave with the tools, and a roadmap, to help their communities recalibrate and deliver solutions through any crisis. Our overarching goal is to train leaders for community-collective engagement and mission building. 

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision.”

Helen Keller


Building Connected Leaders


This program, based on collaborative excellence in leadership, will awaken beneficial change strategies that will transform lives and neighborhoods.


Skills You Can Use For A Lifetime


In this program you will become more effective in idea sharing, strategies for bridging cultural and emotional gaps, intentional networking, confidence-building, and, so important in these times, mastering internet strategies such as developing virtual teams to produce confident community leaders.

About the Program

Economics + Education + Emotion = Health and Wellness




The objectives of the series are to position leaders to be successful by providing insight into three pillars of organizational success: Economics, Education, and Emotion will lead to community leader strength in Hope and Wellness. The design will provide leaders a sense of belonging that also links multiple organizations. The leadership strategies, exercises, and thought provoking concepts will promote new insight into learner excellence.

Onward with confidence!

The Course Modules


The Power in Idea Sharing

We have created a process that will enable community leaders to embrace the creative process of how ideas form and to execute them. Unlocking ideas from various generations is Fun, Exciting, and Refreshing!


Connecting Communities

A “Hope and Wellness” plan of action will be created to ensure leaders can execute community barrier removal strategies. You will learn a system of process documentation which is critical for effective project management and implementation.


Culture and Emotions

For organizations to win they must have leaders from various cultures, backgrounds, and skill sets. New and tenured leaders need to have conversations to share the many commonalities that create high-performance teams.


Exercising Confidence

Confidence and resiliency starts at home. You will experience “Thinking for Change” strategies and a shift from thinking individually to thinking organizationally. You will learn how to leverage leadership techniques to frame mentor/mentee development as well as how to handle crises with confidence.


Developing Virtual Teams

In this module, you will learn virtual learning techniques to help you meet new teammates and showcase communication confidence. The module will include new virtual technology gadgets that will help learners have fun in this new way of organizational learning and create stronger strands of cultural sharing.


Networking with Intention

Incorporating scholarly literature into the narrative between individual intuition, community economic success, morale, and building intentional relationships. This module will help learners to change their mindsets and become flexible community experts.



This module will provide the tools necessary for goal setting, empowerment, and accountability. You will receive an innovative writing tool that will help you categorize your accomplishments, quantify your innovations, and provide structure for team professional development success.


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