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Andrea La Mone Goode 2021.jpg

Andrea La Mone Goode

Project Management, Marketing, and Branding, and

Economic Cost-Benefit Analysis Champion

Andrea is a Fleer Center honors graduate from Salem College and leverages her skills to help clients monitor legislation and report findings of appropriate parties. Andrea has exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills; dynamic team player with well-developed written and verbal communication abilities. Andrea’s experience in analyzing employee health, inflation, energy, provide strategies for business cycles. Andrea has a 25-year career in coordinating budgets, preparing reports, executing project status, and creating communication synergies across teams. Andrea has worked on many media campaigns to ensure all media and collateral were delivered on-time, within the scope and within budget. Andrea brings an experienced resume from Siddall Advertising in Richmond, VA, Trone Advertising in Winston-Salem, NC and The Woodbine Agency in Winston-Salem, NC.

Organizational Branding and Marketing: Andrea's skills in organizational branding has helped many organizations better plan community initiatives. Andrea was the lead strategist because of her experience in branding research. Tate Consulting develops a customized "Project Management and Power and Diplomacy" leadership curricula for Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods management team. (NBN) is an innovative neighborhood support organization dedicated to building the capacity of grassroots leaders and increasing the effectiveness of citizens and cities working together. Andrea has provided strategies for the community leaders on the branding strategies to improve community perception. Andrea will share how the campaign will help brand their group to the city and other organizations.

Organizational Profitability, Cost Analysis: Andrea's marketing and economics abilities have been used to help leaders market themselves and to provide strategies to highlight employee talent. Andrea's research on talent development was used to create a unique hybrid approach for process mapping. The result was our one of a kind design for a process-driven Strategic Employee Succession Blueprint model. It is because of this, that Andrea's research we have provided client first initiatives for many organizations such as The City of Winston-Salem, City of Greensboro, Forsyth County Health Department, Montgomery County Principals Associations, Winston Salem Transit Authority, United Health Centers,

North Carolina Chief   Information Officers Association, The North Carolina Community College Distance Learning Association, The North Carolina Regional Public Transit Organization.

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