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Antwain Tate Goode, Ph.D.

Leadership Architect, Visionary in Organizational Design, Curriculum Development, Keynote Speaker, Benchmarking Strategist

Dissertation Title: “A Quantitative Examination of Employee and Leader Perception of Leader Authenticity and Moral Potency in U.S. Manufacturing”


A results-driven executive, with 25 years of business experience.

Designer and facilitator of executive designs that have resulted in multifaceted organizational innovations. A scholar and practitioner who has extensive cross-functional career experience. A proven track record of scaled sales growth, customized curricula design acumen, cost savings expertise, and networking skills. My business relationships with hundreds of clients resulted in significant bottom-line improvement. 

Dr. Goode holds a doctorate of philosophy in the field of Organization and Management with a specialization in Leadership from Capella University. His quantitative research study on Authentic Leadership Theory and Moral Potency Theory provided insight to the Organization and Management body of knowledge, to explore the gap that exists between leader moral consciousness when making moral decisions and the factors that contribute to individual honesty and self-worth. 

To complement his Ph.D., Dr. Goode holds a High Point University MBA and has served as an adjunct professor of sales, marketing, and communication. During his studies, he was able to travel abroad to strengthen his business acumen for international markets. Visiting the Volvo manufacturing plant in Gothenburg Sweden, Lloyds of London, Rome, Florence, Madrid, and Barcelona provided strong opportunities to examine global supply chain solutions, diverse financial environments, strategic management, managerial ethics, diverse organizational behavior, and executive leadership creativity. 


Dr. Goode has over 25 years’ experience in the industrial manufacturing sector and has considerable experience and record of achievement for developing customer-first solutions for many Fortune 500 manufacturing organizations such as Philip Morris USA in Richmond, VA., Allied Signal Honeywell in Chester, VA., BMW Manufacturing Plant in Greenville, SC, GE Turbine Facility in Greenville, SC., RJR Tobacco in Winston-Salem, NC, Krispy Kreme Corporate Office in Winston-Salem, NC, and Weyerhaeuser located in Elkin, NC. to name a few. In addition, Goode has also served on the board of directors for the Milton Rhodes Center of the Arts, the 7690 Rotary Club of Clemmons, and is the Eagle Scout Nominating Chair for the Wachovia District. Finally, Dr. Goode has provided keynote presentations for universities, corporations, and non-profit organizations.

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