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Career development, in essence, is an ongoing process of skills that individuals learn which lead to improved organizational success. These concepts vary and are tied to our attitudes, communication, teamwork, problem solving, and work ethic. This combination will help form a well-rounded leader who can leverage hard skill mastery and show case the communication needed to develop relational coalitions. Engine Engine #9 will catapult organizational synergy at all levels.

The Importance of Business Etiquette and Attire

Our ability to sustain and grow business leaders requires us to hire, retain and develop highly skilled teams. How we communicate at work affects individual perceptions and the perception of the organization. Our strategies for verbal communication, tone, self-reflection, making a great first impression, and interpreting dress codes will provide insight for misinterpreted relational signals.


Conflict Management and Resolution

Scenario planning is needed to help leaders predict measurable internal and external communication barriers. It is to note that, managers need work challenge models to help employees see how chaos can cripple organizational learning. Creating a climate where critical thinking dominates the organization will require firms to harness the power of teamed work experiences.



What is leadership? In short, we all have untapped potential! Individuals develop at work and new strategies are needed for creating an atmosphere of continuous learning.  Leadership teams must examine the learning outcomes for future organizational issues. Put it another way; all individual actors must have a plan to measure corporate practices.


Time Management

Job satisfaction and employee retention are relevant topics for organizations. Our new are tenured leaders face burnout and new concepts are needed for employee accountability. This section gives participants ideas on critical thinking, action timing, and routine performance.  


Problem solving!

Organizations wrestle with analysis paralysis “Studying challenges until no work is completed.” The overarching theme of this topic is to help leaders learn the importance of insight, hindsight, and foresight into developing problem solving intuition and vision.


Transitioning from
Buddy to Boss

Perhaps the most important skill to master in management is figuring out how to be a genuine source of help. Very few leaders receive training before taking the reins. We will provide leadership insight to help individuals grow into management. Individuals can transition from buddy to boss while at the same time being the most effective employee they can be.



In order for organizations to win requires leaders from various cultures, backgrounds, and skill sets. Teams must have conversations to share the many commonalities that create high-performance teams. We are encouraged to provide insight on a topic that addresses a central theme of “having a safe place at work to share new perspectives.”


Forward Thinking

What can organizations do to foster an environment that willingly motivates people to communicate effectively with clients? The companies that are the most creative and innovative will win, in this century! Individuals learn differently and the participants will learn new concepts for expanding team idea creation.  

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