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We can help you brand your organization


Logo Development 

Why is Logo Design Important?

“Think about it like this, your company logo is the clothes

that your business is wearing” According to a study, if a business wants to develop loyalty, the first impression is incredibly important. Studies have shown that 48% of consumers are more likely to become loyal to a brand when they purchase a product for the first time. Since we are an organization that has been successful unlocking company mission, value, and principal statements.

We leverage our team of professionals to unlock the logo that is in sync with your company values and share it with the public. Your logo should speak recognition, professionalism, identity, and grab the market.

Project Management Support

We are a professional development company that has leaders with industry tenure. Tate Consulting clearly understands the importance of developing leaders who can multi-task. We have innovative conceptual mapping strategies to help leaders get their time back and see a project through to conclusion. Since we have developed an innovation in employee succession planning, we leverage this insight to help individuals develop tactics that allow them to organize and lead employees to meet specific deadlines. Project management is important because it helps companies get the most organization and production for their money. Getting the job done in a timely manner as inexpensively as possible requires leadership.


Collateral Design

Tate Consulting is excited about supporting your business with the collection of the material needed to support your brand and the marketing of your product or service. We have a team that is experienced to assist in the tactical material such as direct mail pieces, digital brochures, newsletters, postcards, display and extension signs, graphics, signage, branded PowerPoint, and keynote presentations. Leveraging our research expertise provides valuable insight to give our clients a competitive advantage to help you target your audience.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you brand your collateral requirements, reach out to us. You have a team of creative professionals that will ensure your project will be a success.

Website Development

Tate Consulting has launched the “Playbook for Entrepreneurial Excellence.”

an eight-week program designed to arm individuals with CEO leadership competencies and skills to give you the confidence to be your boss. As a result of creating this dynamic curriculum, we saw the need to help small businesses by offering website development to start their companies. We have a creative team of marketing professionals who can help clients develop or customize their websites.

Creating a strong internet marketing campaign with an effective web presence is critical for small and medium-sized companies. We have a talented group of web designers and developers that are dedicated to creating engaging websites.


One-on-One Coaching  

Executive Development

No one gets there by themselves and professional coaching helps leaders refine their instincts, improve their conclusions, and expand their perspectives to make better choices. The mentor/mentee relationship is important. Our team has experience! We remember when we needed help and we will support your teams with care and empathy. We have scholar-practitioners who can provide one-on-one, tailored, high caliber research-based coaching to foster individual resiliency. You will be successful as we ask about your professional and business goals and together create your roadmap for success!

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