Tate Consulting is an emergent minority owned leader development organization located in Winston-Salem, N.C. Tate Consulting, which aims to use its acronym, “T-Tenacity, A-Attitude, T-Teamwork, and E-for Execution,” to help drive individual and corporate success. Our focus is on leadership development strategies and organizational strategic transformation, with particular emphasis on leveraging scholarly literature to innovate leadership trends. We pride ourselves in healing individuals develop innovative leadership confidence that can be leveraged at work, at home, to strengthen communities. 

  • Our classes will leverage an applied learning experience:
  •       Team leader presentations
  •       Video Presentation- Effective communication and applied discussions
  •       Round table discussions
  •       Problem Solving
  •       Creative learning group exercises

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Dr. Antwain Tate Goode

Antwain Tate Goode, PhD, is a native of Richmond, Va. and holds a doctorate of philosophy in the field of Organization and Management with a specialization in Leadership from Capella University. The specialization helped to refine his current manufacturing skill sets and to develop leadership concepts, which can be applied to dynamic global settings. To compliment his PhD, Antwain holds a High Point University MBA and has served as an adjunct professor of sales and marketing. During his studies, he was able to travel abroad to strengthen his business acumen for international markets. Visiting the Volvo manufacturing plant in Gothenburg Sweden, Lloyds of London, Rome, Florence, Madrid, and Barcelona provided strong opportunities to examine global supply chain solutions, diverse financial environments, strategic management, managerial ethics, diverse organizational behavior, and executive leadership creativity.

Goode’s considerable experience includes a record of achievement for developing customer-first solutions for many Fortune 500 manufacturing organizations, such as Philip Morris USA in Richmond, VA., Allied Signal Honeywell in Chester, VA., BMW Manufacturing Plant in Greenville, SC, GE Turbine Facility in Greenville, SC., RJR Tobacco in Winston-Salem, NC, and Krispy Kreme Corporate Office in Winston-Salem, NC. to name a few. In addition, Goode has also served on the board of directors for the Milton Rhodes Center of the Arts and member of the 7690 Rotary Club of Clemmons.

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