Book Me as a Keynote Speaker

Dr. Goode lectures for profit and non for profit organizations, as he is passionate about helping individuals find their “True North” in personal development and leadership.

Tate Consulting Seminars email to schedule and appointment:

· Individual Luncheon (40 min to 1 hour or by number of Attendees)

· Keynote Speaker       (40 min to 1 hour or by number of Attendees)

· Unleashing Staff Creativity/ Motivating Managers

· Community Outreach Program/Health Care Sector

Tate Consulting Suite of Services

Tate Consulting Suite of Services Educational Sector

  • Leadership Training and Development
  • Organizational Training Facilitator
  • Personal Leadership Development Coaching
  • State and Local Government: Leadership Training
  • Early Childhood Leadership Development Coaching
  • Kindergarten to Middle School Teacher Leadership Coaching                     (Unleash Child Creativity Seminar)
  • High School Grade 9-12 Teacher Leadership Coaching (Energy Jolt Seminar)
  • High School Grade 9-12 Student Leadership Coaching (No Drop out Seminar)
  • University (Student Body School is Over-Work Force Readiness Seminar)

Tate Consulting Services Business Sector: 

  • Unleashing Staff Creativity (Manage Jump In Seminar)
  • Motivating Middle Managers (Innovation)
  • Upper Management (Improving Employee Self Esteem)

Tate Consulting Services Community Sector: 

  • Community Outreach Program (Motivating Community Leaders Seminar)
  • YMCA, Non-Profit (Community Seminar on Individual Health Seminar)
  • Hotel Restaurant Management (Making Service Count Seminar)
  • Industrial Distribution (Connect the MRO Dots Seminar)
  • Automobile Dealers (Do not sell Lemons Sell Service Seminar)

Tate Consulting Seminars in a Box:                

  • Innovation/ Personal Development Seminar
  • Motivating Community Leaders Seminar