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Young Businesswomen

See What Others Are Saying!

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Custom Workshop: The Tate Hummingbird

Designed to unlock company mission and vision statements


“Tate Consulting took the time to evaluate what was needed of the
With the help of Tate Consulting, the organization has
established core values in which we strive by.”

Mr. Lashun Huntley, CEO of United Health Centers

Custom Workshop: Write Your Way to The Top
Designed to help individuals write awesome performance evaluations.


“The City of Greensboro requested Tate Consulting to provide a customized writing/
performance evaluation workshop. The results were significant as Tate Consulting
introduced new writing technology that improved writing confidence
the Water Reclamation Team.”

Mr. Elijah Williams, Water Reclamation Manager

City of Greensboro

Custom Workshop: The V-Formation
Developed to create strong teams and strategies on “How to handle negative news?”


“Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Tate Consulting
to join 
your team’s training regimens.”


Mr. Adam Rickett, Senior Project Supervisor

City of Winston Salem

Custom Workshop: The Problem Solvers I and II
Developed to display the process for organizational crisis removal.

“The use of technology was absolutely impressive. They were able to
include another team member remotely, giving us access to
dynamic subject matter experts. They researched our department
and used examples and illustrations that related to our everyday
work in Public Health”


Mrs. Quantana Stewart, Health Director,
Orange County Health Department

Custom Workshop: Change Management
Developed to assist managers with strategies for mentee development.

Creating atmospheres where transparency stimulates employee motivation.

“Tate Consulting helped develop a company organizational structure
plan and identified our  company standards and mission statement.
The leadership training and support that Tate Consulting provided really
helped give us the boost we needed to get 
the company back on track.”

Mrs. Cheryl Fisher, CEO, PriMed Processing

Custom Workshop: Conflict and Altercation Strategies
Created to help firms with scenario planning to predict measurable outcomes to prevent chaos.


“Tate Consulting has the unique ability to engage a diverse audience and
deliver the goals and objectives effectively. We were impressed with Dr. Goode’s enthusiasm, 
communication skills, and professional demeanor.”

Mrs. Courtney Driver, P.E., Utilities Director

City of Winston Salem

Custom Workshop: Unlocking the Power of Your Why!
-Creating a Culture of Relentless Adaptation

Tate Consulting met and exceeded our expectations. They
delivered a training and development program customized
for the Network. Their message of “Creating a Culture of
Relentless Adaptation”- Change is Overrated, We Innovate!
was very powerful, and transforming.


Mrs. Pamela Gales, President
MWBE Coordinators Network

Custom Workshop: World Class Customer Service
Designed to provide leaders a holistic view of the power of internal

or external service and how to change our mindset.

“Tate Consulting created a leadership/World Class Customer Service Workshop
to help small and minority business owners obtain success. We were extremely
pleased with the leadership resiliency strategies that were presented
for new entrepreneurs.”


Mrs. Gwen Carter, MWBE Program Coordinator

City of Greensboro

Custom Workshop Mission Possible

Designed to stimulate learning versatility. Highlighting the importance of leader character building.

“They took this meeting to heart and developed a short and concise
“lecturette” for my leadership team. The theme was “Mission Possible”
with a concentrated focus on leadership development. The genuine and
individualized training offered by Tate Consulting was pleasantly
delivered above and beyond my greatest expectations, and I am
confident that any organization which may be searching for this type
of training will find the same to be true for them.”

Mrs. Lilnette Phillips, Senior Vice President

SECU Credit Union

Custom Workshop: We are The Competition!
Developed to drive team synergies throughout the organization.

“Tate Consulting assisted our leadership team with articulating our
company goals, vision, purpose, and organizational structure. As a
result, innovation, teamwork, ownership, and accountability has
quickly emerged as our new norm. I recommend Tate Consulting for
future partner committed to building a sustainable leadership model.”

Mr. Corey Thomas, Chief Administrative Officer

Signature Ambulance

Custom Workshop: Power and Diplomacy
Developing stronger community leaders through resiliency strategies.

"Dr. Antwain Tate Goode and Andrea La Mone Goode, provided three unique
leadership workshops to help our team develop presentational confidence,
communication strategies, and introduced new research designs to improve
organizational effectiveness. Harness the Power of Teams (To build team
coalitions), Power and Diplomacy (To strengthen community relations),
and Collaboration at Home (To build strong family teams.) This team
takes pride in their 
research and delivering strategies that are digestible
and can be shared 
at home, at work, and in the community."

Reverend Kenneth Holly, Operations Program Manager

Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods

Custom Workshop: Demystifying Organizational Success by Creating Dynamic Critical Thinkers

Designed to help leaders view individual transparency

“Dr. Goode was asked to provide a virtual webinar to share insight
into Johnson Controls regarding organizational transformation.
The webinar was designed to drive organizational excellence for
our Business Resource Group. Our Business Resource Group
encompasses a region of states and thirty branch locations.
We endorse Tate Consulting for strategic leadership planning
and leadership development.”

Mr. Eric Eley, Account Manager, Johnson Controls

Winston Salem Logo (JPG).jpg
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