The Millennial Executive Leadership Workshop [New Managers]

Candidates for the workshop include new managers, high performing collegiate students, entrepreneurial high flyers, military, health care, and government leaders.

The integrated Millennial Executive Leadership Workshop is designed to provide insight into organizational strategies to generate teamed personal and organizational development innovation. Harnessing the energy of our           “Rock Stars”, organizations can create new legacy leaders and begin to craft a culture of relentless adaptation.  The workshop will validate organizational designs, organizational performance, and validate leader/follower relationships.

The “Bet the Farm” leadership Seminar [Personal Development Insight]

Candidates for this seminar would include all sectors and individuals who are at least in the 5th grade.

The “Bet the Farm” Leadership Seminar is designed to position an individual to be successful in personal and professional settings, as well as provide a unique vantage point toward achieving individual success. Individual success can be attained, as new learning is revealed by introducing themes such as Leadership Anchors, Leadership Foundation, The Importance of Values, Ambition, Time Management, Professional Presentation, Relationships, Opportunities, Conflict, Dealing with Pressure, and Discovery of Individual True North.

 The outcomes of the “Bet the Farm” workshop include:

  • ·       Individual Strategic Planning
  • ·       Family Planning Strategies
  • ·       Identification of Individual Capabilities
  • ·       Personal Mission Statement Creation
  • ·       Networking and Team Building

Integrated Leadership Seminar [Educational Sector]

Candidates for the workshop include collegiate, high school, middle school, elementary school faculty, students, and parents. These high potential successful professionals can develop their way to success and we have the tools to help them.

The Integrated Leadership Seminar is designed to support the educational sector. The seminar will share leadership constructs that strengthen organizational learning and provide new ideas for personal development. As such, individuals will gain new leadership insight which will help them thrive in our dynamic global marketplace. The leaders at Tate Consulting have considerable experience in multiple sectors and will provide a unique skill set to facilitation.

The outcomes of the Integrated Leadership Seminar include:

  • ·      Ideas for personal development planning
  • ·      Theme based learning modules to spur innovation
  • ·      Strategies to examine authentic leadership and vision
  • ·      Mentor/Mentee relationship strategies

 The outcomes of the Millennial Executive workshop include:

  • · Theme based exercises into Authentic Leadership Theory, explore leader  self-reflection, and goal setting.
  • ·  Insight into Moral Potency Theory to examine moral consciousness and  decision making
  • · Strategies to examine organizational crisis
  • · Team development and collaboration strategies

The Tenured Student Leadership Seminar [Seniors]

Candidates for the workshop include seniors, veterans, retirees, tradesmen, and continuing education leaders. 

The integrated Tenured Student Leadership Seminar is designed to provide insight into information technology trends, leadership trends, creativity, and staying mentally fit through continuous learning. As such, by developing our “Tenured Leaders” new doors will open to community involvement.  New continuous learning strategies will help individuals view the interplay that exists between work experience, education, family, and community development.

 The outcomes of the Tenured Student Seminar include:

  • ·  Introduction into computer technology
  • ·  Theme based strategies on teamwork
  • ·  Team Building
  • ·  Personal values and communication

Cancellation Policy
Because attendance at Tate Consulting program requires significant advance preparation and demand often exceeds capacity, it is important that you contact us in a timely manner if you must cancel or defer your attendance. To receive a full refund of program fees, notice of cancellation must be received more than 30 days in advance of the program start date. Participants who cancel less than 30 days in advance will not receive a refund but may nominate an acceptable substitute or attend a future session of the same program within one year.

Tate Team

The Tate Consulting team has leaders who are tested in the academic classroom with three leaders with adjunct professor experience. It is because of the combined academic experience, and twenty year careers in multiple business sectors, that gives Tate Consulting a unique perspective in solving organizational professional development challenges.