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Why is Customized Curricula Important?

Many professional training organizations provide off the shelf training with tens of
thousands of available courses. The question then arises: Is it pre-developed? We at
Tate Consulting understands that every company is unique. In other words, any company that
wants to differentiate itself from its competition has to be unique!

What’s more exciting is that we defy current research to create new innovative ideas to
solve real client challenges. I stand firm one of our most significant assets of Tate
Consulting is our ability to help organizations synthesize empirical literature, client
expertise, and teamed idea creation to stimulate innovation. What differentiates us from
other professional learning organizations is that we listen to you! We can customize
your content directly to your company’s core competencies and business needs, instead
of a one-size-fits-all training curriculum.

Our team is not afraid to challenge the research and is committed to assisting clients in
their plans to develop and grow their human capital. This is important because some
topics just need a softer touch and we have the team who facilitates tough topics with empathy.

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