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Many courses focus on theory built around traditional concepts of learning; however, “Lighting in a Bottle” is designed to show you the process that writing creates a “Resilient Mindset.” This course provides experiential learning techniques with practical skills you can use immediately. 


With your Tate “Development” and “Activity” Journal you will learn how to categorize, and quantify your amazing thoughts, aspirations, and dreams.    This dynamic leadership tool will sharpen individual competencies and create the roadmap for legacy succession planning. 


Your family will be able to find your “Secret Sauce.” 


By the end of this course, you will be able to apply core leadership competencies in order to build your own definition of professional success. The importance of journaling cannot be underrated. Your thoughts are important and with this tool you can connect them to words. 

Tate Development and Activity Journal Course

  • The contents of your package will include:  

    1.  Tate Development and Activity Journal

    2.  Tate Development and Activity Journal Workbook      

    3.  60 Day access Online Course with Certificate 

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