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Unique suite of services combine to unlock competitive advantages!


We are a distinctive combination of leadership, experience, expertise, and servant leader professionals. We are uniquely certified to provide strategic consulting solutions through a broad range of services. It is because of the combined synergy of the team that we can expose organizations to leadership constructs that drive awareness and excellence. 

Planning Support 

 To begin with strategic planning is not strategic thinking. We at Tate Consulting understand the difference. To illustrate, we provide the strategic planning roadmaps and methodologies to help people see how they are making their contribution around the strategy-making process, rather than inside it! This is part one.

Our years of experience working on various assignments such as executive summary best- demonstrated practices teams, on-site management, corporate procurement, supply chain, operations management, developer of OSHA safety coalitions, energy initiatives, and innovative cost-savings strategies have provided the creative energy to help firms create organizational excellence campaigns.


Organizational Design Support

We have the capabilities to then create the leadership enabling plan needed to amplify leader strategic thinking (The Synthesis) the part two. We bring skill in applied analytics – concepts, modeling, and reporting.  Our innovative statistical designs provide probabilities for organizational needs and see a new lens for cultural dynamics.


Leveraging leadership in strategic planning support:

We can create customized dashboards that result in positive contractual compliance in financial processes, budgets, procurement, and supply chain.

Providing assistance for organizational structure and design efforts to develop visions and establish priorities, while at the same time incorporating stakeholder input.

Our innovative statistical designs provide probabilities for organizational needs and see a new lens for cultural dynamics.


Leadership Training & Customized Course Designers

We can help your organization create customized courses because we know that every company is unique. In other words, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and work on the professional development elements to support your amazing leaders.

Executive Leadership Retreats: Our national conference experience has enabled us to develop creative one-day, two-day, or three-day impact leadership retreats. We can create a unique customized curricula that mirrors your strategic plan and sets your company up for a unique competitive advantage.


Tate Consulting is certified to facilitate the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is one of the world’s most popular personality tools and is used more than 88 percent of Fortune 500 companies in 115 countries.  In addition, we are certified to facilitate Everything DiSC® profile which helps individuals understand their primary management style. We are also certified to facilitate The Ice House (Eli) Entrepreneurship Program. The program is designed for a broad audience cultivating entrepreneurial thought and process in corporate, higher education, high school, government, nonprofit, and correctional environments.


Customized Curricula Development


Many professional training organizations provide off the shelf training with tens of thousands of available courses. The question then arises: Is it pre-developed? We at Tate Consulting understand that every company is unique. In other words, any company that wants to differentiate itself from its competition has to be unique! 


Create idea generators in your organization

Organizations each day have opportunities to capitalize on its most important asset, the people who serve it. How can we create memorable client first experiences if we do not have our teams willingly sharing ideas and creating innovative solutions? As such, creativity and innovation should be a top priority. We have the solution! 

Unlock your mission and vision statements

We are excited about serving people. We can have legacy leaders in our organization who will stay with us. However, we need to have the words that create organizational culture.

Customized customer service solutions

Can you recall the last time you had a customer service challenge? What was your overall opinion of the customer service you received from the person on the other end? We not only recall the bad customer service agent but we know the agents with the cheerful voices that consistently go the extra mile to assist us. The smile that you have from that experience does not have to fade away! 


Employee Retention and the Cost of Turnover!

The Strategic Employee Succession Blueprint ©

Our Strategic Employee Succession Blueprint is a tool that will help your company maximize customer value, minimize waste, and develop your teams at the same time. The hybrid system that we have created will provide process documentation which is critical for effective management and implementation.

Blueprinting Job Roles: Process Mapping + Developing top talent + Unlocking Ideas + Employee Retention = Performance Excellence!

Succession Planning: Organizations each day have opportunities to capitalize on their most important asset, the people who serve it. Tate Consulting has created a hybrid approach to help your company document key performance processes and help develop your people in the process.


We have a unique process to pattern job roles


Our dynamic hybrid approach will provide insight into leader accomplishments and innovations to create a roadmap for leader promotion. In sum, this process will clearly provide value, as tenure and experience can mask career opportunities and pitfalls.


The four game-changing objectives include:

What Clients Say

The Tate Hummingbird Testimonial

“Tate Consulting took the time to evaluate what was needed of the organization. With the help of Tate Consulting, the organization has established core values in which we strive by.”

Mr. Lashun Huntley, CEO | United Health Centers


1922 S. Martin Luther King Dr. Suite 242

Winston-Salem, NC 27127

( 336) 464-3130 ext 1242

Please use the calendar to select a day and time that works best for you. We're excited to connect with you and your organization!

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