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Working Together

Building a pipeline of Leaders requires tools to reach their full potential

Unlocking Unlimited Confidence and Ambition in Women

SHINY PENNY- Women's Empowerment leadership classic

Welcome to a marvel in developing heroic powerful women with “Unlimited Confidence!” 

The business case is clear that advancing women leaders is compelling and that promoting, recruiting, and retaining women increases organizational financial performance.
We have no doubt that after women complete this curriculum, they will “Own Their Power.” Through our bold design, human resource teams and top executives will be armed with tools to have developmental conversations with rising women stars. Building a pipeline of women leaders in the organization requires tools that help women reach their full potential and to stay ambitious.
We hope you are ready for this women’s master class empowerment classic because this curriculum is ready for you!

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Engine Engine #9© catapults organizational synergy at all levels

Career development, in essence, is an ongoing process of skills that individuals learn which lead to improved organizational success. These concepts vary and are tied to our attitudes, communication, teamwork, problem solving, and work ethic. This combination will help form a well-rounded leader who can leverage hard skill mastery and show case the communication needed to develop relational coalitions

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Business Team

Building Connected Leaders

 Our overarching goal is to train leaders for community-collective engagement and mission building. This program, based on collaborative excellence in leadership, will awaken beneficial change strategies that will transform lives and neighborhoods.

In this program you will become more effective in idea sharing, strategies for bridging cultural and emotional gaps, intentional networking, confidence-building, and, so important in these times, mastering internet strategies such as developing virtual teams to produce confident community leaders.

The objectives of the series are to position leaders to be successful by providing insight into three pillars of organizational success: Economics, Education, and Emotion will lead to community leader strength in Hope and Wellness. The design will provide leaders a sense of belonging that also links multiple organizations. The leadership strategies, exercises, and thought provoking concepts will promote new insight into learner excellence.



Please use the calendar to select a day and time that works best for you. We're excited to connect with you and your organization!

1922 S. Martin Luther King Dr. Suite 242

Winston-Salem, NC 27127

( 336) 464-3130 ext 1242

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