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Innovative Professional Development Company 

Today’s leaders need leadership perspectives that drive organizational excellence, while at the same time developing holistic personal growth. At Tate Consulting, our mission is to change a life, one person at a time through leadership and professional development services.

Helping Today's Leaders Drive Organizational Excellence

Tate Consulting was founded in 2015, the organization is a privately held minority-owned professional development company located in Winston-Salem, NC. Tate Consulting offers customized training for small, medium, and large organizations. We provide innovative personal development courses, customized curricula designs, and strategies for organizational strategic transformation. We Inspire people in our courses. Today’s leaders need leadership perspectives that drive organizational excellence, while at the same time developing holistic personal growth. 

Our classes will leverage an applied learning experience:

Team leader & Video presentations
Critical thinking & Problem Solving
Applied & Round table discussions 
Creative learning group exercises

Tates Powerhouse Team



Tate Consulting is certified by the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT). The Alabama Unified Certification Program (ALUCP) has also certified Tate Consulting as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) in accordance with 49 CFR Part 23 and 26 and all the laws of this state applicable to the transaction of business.


The ALUCP certifies Tate Consulting to perform the following services: 

  • NAICS Code 541611 Management and General Management Consulting Services

  • NAICS Code 541612 Human Resources Consulting Services

  • NAICS Code 541618 Other management Consulting  

  • NAICS Code 541720 Services Research and Development in Social Services and Humanities

  • NAICS Code 541910 Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling

  • NAICS Code 541990 All Other Professional, Scientific and Technical services

  • NAICS Code 611430 Professional and Management Development Training

  • NAICS Code 611710 Educational Support Services

What Clients Say

Organizational Succession Planning Testimonial

"The stated goal of the training and exercises was to affect a seamless transition to new leadership and minimize challenges associated with the execution of tasks associated with the 1-40 road closure project. The second phase of the engagement addressed the anticipated increase in phone traffic to the Mobility Management department resulting from increase service levels. Tate Consulting provided the Authority with exceptional work! Not only were the tasks executed thoroughly and expeditiously, but with minimal expense to the Authority. As an added bonus, there was a noticeable upsurge in staff morale.”

 -Mr. Art Barnes, Former General Manager | The Winston Salem Transit Authority

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