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Unlocking unlimited purpose and passion in people

Leveraging the power of wisdom to develop leader trailblazers who are inspiring, bold, and agile to increase success probabilities. At Tate Consulting, our mission is to change a life, one person at a time through leadership and professional development services.

We credit our success in developing people from the inside out

and that starts internally with our culture. The key to this stems from our company values. The core principles that guide and direct our organization are Spirituality, Passion, Tenacity, Vision, Attitude, Power, and Trust. Our focus is on Curriculum Development, Succession Planning, Customized Workshops, Analytical Assessments, Keynote Support, and Marketing Support. We are excited to meet you! 

Driving Individual & Corporate Success

Tate Consulting is DBE, ACDBE, HUB, SPSF, MWBE, and SAMS certified minority-owned professional development organization located in Winston-Salem, N.C. Tate Consulting, which aims to use its acronym, “T-Tenacity, A-Attitude, T-Teamwork, and E-for Execution,” to help drive individual and corporate success. The key to our success stems from our company standards. We believe that Spirituality, Passion, Tenacity, Vision, Attitude, Power, and Trust are necessary to help us change lives.



We come from varied backgrounds and we are committed to making sure we appreciate the unique ideas that surface. We have an atmosphere where cultures are kind without harm to others.



It is our “Passion” that requires us to evolve and provide service offerings to our clients that they do not even know they need yet. It is our passion that holds our standards high and enables us to never give up!



Creativity is why we are able to meet the growing demands of the future. We believe in developing our talent as we stretch to serve global markets. Consistent performance coaching and training advancement are provided to ensure the development of legacy leaders who are confident, resilient, and serve with a warrior’s spirit.



We are fearless! We are expected to see around corners and unlock new innovative ideas. Our leaders set the example and create a respectful work environment that supports curiosity, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of legacy building learning innovation. We are problem solvers who seek to build a better world.



Enthusiasm is important in all that we do and we rally together. We seek to build a better world which means we encourage each other to take risks. Our smiles are contagious and we take the time to listen to each other to ensure meaning is attained.



We take immediate responsibility for our actions, both personally and as a company. Character is the heartbeat of our organization. Our guidelines for ethical conduct are defined. We value equity and inclusion, and we are devoted to hire people who are equally invested in these pursuits. Our team remains focused on the end goal and are focused achieving our mission through the contribution and efforts of a diverse Workforce.



Trust is critical for achieving any mission. We are empathetic and allow each other the latitude to leverage their diverse backgrounds, talents, and skills to realize teamed success. We pursue truth as we discuss topics in a clear and truthful manner with the utmost respect for one another. Being genuine and honest in deciding to do the right thing at all times is what inspires our teams to work to find meaning and purpose in work, goals, and ideals.

We enjoy the process of forming accurate diagnosis for YOU

At Tate we enjoy the process of forming accurate diagnosis for our clients to strengthen relationships across cultures. Above all, we provide recommendations for organizations that create competitive advantages. We have wrap around services  depending on your needs and can link themes for departmental synergy. 

Check out our services below and see how we can support YOU.


Environmental: Engineers, Planners, Waste Managers, and Project Managers Contact US for our Environmental Justice leadership and facilitation support, as you develop your comprehensive plans and strategic engineering project outreach. Leverage Tate Consulting “EJ” engagement support for DEI groups and diverse populations within the community.


Our designs can help your organization develop your Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Behavioral Health Clinicians, Customer Service teams, and Call Center employees. Our team is committed to increase the team’s skill by strengthening leadership core competencies to supercharge individual growth and development.


We can help your organization create customized courses because we know that every company is unique. In other words, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and work on the professional development elements to support your amazing leaders.


To begin with strategic planning is not strategic thinking.      We at Tate Consulting understand the difference. To illustrate, we provide the strategic planning roadmaps and methodologies to help people see how they are making their contribution around the strategy-making process, rather than inside it


We provide the professional learning tools and research-based constructs to create roadmaps that lead to organization profitability and improve leader skill. Our job is to “Listen” and help you identify the hitch and demystify the processes. We facilitate with excellence.


We bring skill in applied analytics, concepts, modeling, and reporting.  Our innovative statistical designs provide probabilities for organizational needs and see a new lens for cultural dynamics.


Our Strategic Employee Succession Blueprint is a tool that will help your company maximize customer value, minimize waste, and develop your teams at the same time. 


We enjoy the process of forming accurate diagnosis for our clients to strengthen relationships across cultures. We provide recommendations for organizations that include project scope analysis, organizational structure of the work, and manage the phases of project goals. 


We can help your organization create customized courses because we know that every company is unique. In other words, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and work on the professional development elements to support your amazing leaders.


Our goal is to help companies prepare so that they can provide the highest quality service possible. We have created solutions that will help firms, and community engagement liaisons prepare for unexpected business interruptions often associated with natural disasters and/or pandemics.


We offer professional development that impacts the organization at all levels such as, the Executive Team, Junior Managers, and Board Member professional development. We quantitatively and qualitatively show the impact of our unique curricula to organizational synergy.

What Clients Say

Custom Workshop: Write Your Way to The Top Testimonial

“The City of Greensboro requested Tate Consulting to provide a customized writing/performance evaluation workshop. The results were significant as Tate Consulting introduced new writing technology that improved writing confidence of the Water Reclamation Team.”​

Mr. Elijah Williams, Water Reclamation Manager | City of Greensboro

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